Welcome to the Municipal Court Clerks' Council Website

On behalf of the Georgia Municipal Court Clerks Council, I would like to welcome you to the Council's Website. The Municipal Court is a misdemeanor court that has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations and state traffic offenses. Specific type cases handled by the court include routine traffic offenses; driving under the influence of alcohol; possession and consumption by a minor; truancy and curfew violations; possession of marijuana less than an ounce; firearms violations; nuisance and abatement cases; and animal control citations. The court also is responsible for entering case dispositions and forwarding entries to the Department of Drivers Services (DDS).

With more than 400 Municipal Courts across the State, the Court's missions are to adjudicate cases fairly and to make every effort to provide the best customer service. Along the same lines the Mission of municipal court clerks in Georgia is threefold: (1) to assure the administrative efficiency of the court, (2) to protect the court’s ethical integrity, and (3) to help maintain public confidence in the court’s fairness in dispensing justice impartially.

We hope that by providing a web presence for our class of court in Georgia, the public will become more educated in the judicial process and more familiar with the way the justice system functions. Please take a moment to peruse the site; I am hopeful this resource will assist you in your process. 

Cheston Roney 
Chief Clerk/Court Administrator
President, Municipal Court Clerks’ Council

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Appointments & New Hires
Ms.Patti Polk, Chief Clerk-City ClerkCity of Tallulah Falls  



08/16/2016 to 10/15/2016






Appointments and New Hires
Ms. Lelly L. Ensley, Chief Clerk City of Kingston